Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

Grizzly Bear released their new album, Shields this Tuesday, and thusly played to sold out shows at 930 Club in DC this week. Having missed my earlier opportunity to purchase tickets, I started a twitter campaign in an effort to gain last minute entry. I came as close as to have someone email me with details…but in the end they had to rescind their offer. As a consolation, they offered to write me either a song or sky message…neither of which has ever been done for me I don’t think. Almost makes up for it…almost.

Anyway, below is the sweepingly melodic and layered track “Sleeping Ute” off of the new album.

My favorite from their previous album, Veckatimest…the hauntingly beautiful “Ready, Able.”


And still earlier Grizzly:

Each day, spend it with me now
All my time, spend it with me now

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