Re/ly – Unravel


Get acquainted with Re/ly, a new unsigned contemporary jazz duo out of Providence, Rhode Island. Made up of Bryn Bliska (keys, vocals and production), and Jamie Fried (drums and percussion), their music is a combination of classic jazz and electro-soul that seems perfectly suited for this time of year. On their debut album Bilateral released earlier this month, they “blur the boundary between groove and instability and explore what it sounds like for two musicians to rely on one another.”

Favorites from the LP include “Unravel,” featuring Bryn’s warm jazz-styled vocals which reach full swing when the keys kick in around 1:50, and the all-instrumental track, “You Go To My Head.” Based on the sophistication of their work thus far, this is only the beginning of Re/ly’s career and we look forward to hearing more as the duo continue to cultivate their singular sound.

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