Natalie Prass – Bird of Prey


Former member of Jenny Lewis‘ backing band, Natalie Prass is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter set to release her first full-length record this week. She recorded the album in the attic studio belonging to her label, Spacebomb Records, where she collaborated with former high school bandmate (and Spacebomb founder) Matthew E. White. Supported by the label’s house band, Prass’ melodious vocals are supplemented by lush strings, piano, horns and woodwind — a polished collection “nourished by reverence for past eras of big band and jazz and infused with the crisp detail of late ’70s and early ’80s R&B,” as described in a press release.

The lead single on what is unmistakably a breakup album, “Bird of Prey” proffers a good introduction to the warm, retro and sentimental style that Prass so effortlessly inhabits. Plaintive lyrics like ‘You don’t leave me no choice but to run away / You are a bird of prey / With a heart like the night’ as she croons on the chorus are sure to resonate with many.

Prass’ self-titled debut is out tomorrow. Listen to “Bird of Prey” and “Why Don’t You Believe In Me” below. And if that’s not enough, you can stream the album in full over on Pitchfork.

DC residents can catch the songbird live February 4 at DC9.

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