Liza Anne – Ocean

liza anne

Another artist who had a successful turn at SXSW this year — Liza Anne is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who makes pop-flavored, and oft heartrending folk music. She’s set to release her second album, aptly titled TWO on May 19, which you can pre-order on iTunes.

Opening up about the subject matter of the album closer, “Ocean,” Liza Anne relayed: “It’s terrifying to feel walls building up between you and someone you care for. The face of relationships changing has always been an extreme source of anxiety, negative introspection and insecurity for me — this set of lyrics is me voicing a very personal struggle with those emotions in a (what seemed sudden) change of relationship.”

Stream “Ocean” below, and head over to her Soundcloud page for a full set of lyrics. There’s a delightfully secret message embedded within them…but we’re not telling what it is, so head over to see if you can figure it out yourself!

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