Louis Weeks – Fire


Today marks the release of Local DC artist Louis Weeks‘ independent sophomore album, haha. Whereas the last album, shift/away was a solitary affair — his latest effort shows him embracing “togetherness” and a bigger, more spontaneous and joyous sound overall. Employing the talents of fellow local musicians Noah Berman (guitar), Ethan Helm (woodwind), and Matt Honor (drums and cymbals) to play on the record, Weeks was able to achieve a more robust and full-band sound.

Although we love the full spectrum of Weeks’ sensibility, the lead single off the LP “Fire” is a prime example of this new dynamic with its orchestral horns, saxophones and swinging percussion. Aside from the obvious levity that the album title suggests, ‘haha’ is meant to represent two halves, as well as a sense of cohesiveness. Weeks tells the Washington Post: “The record is also about the joys and difficulties of trying to articulate the world around you. When you write ‘haha,’ you’re trying to express something that is inexpressible. In that moment, your feelings have reached the limits of language, and you’re free.”

Support the ingenious composer by purchasing the album on his bandcamp page here.

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