swim good x Merival – since u asked


As part of producer Ryan Hemsworth‘s Secret Songs series, swim good has paired up with vocalist Anna Horvath aka Merival to produce “since u asked.” Jon Lawless, the Toronto-based artist behind swim good has cooked up a sweet little ditty of a track that also features contributions from Joel Karlsson of Air France (RIP), Darren Seltmann from The Avalanches and Torquil Campbell of Stars. On top of this dream team of producers, we detected a Whitney Houston sample in there as well.

So what’s the song about you say? Glad u asked. Lawless notes that the track is a response to the highs and lows of “when someone asks how you’re doing and you can’t help but give a super honest answer.” Relatable. Stream this wistful, heartrending tune below.

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