Flock of Dimes – Prison Bride


Jenn Wasner, with her plethora of side projects is one of our favorite female vocalists in the biz right now. As founder of solo endeavor Flock of Dimes, one half of Wye Oak and Dungeonesse—not to mention purveyor of dreamy covers—it’s safe to say that the Baltimore chanteuse is keeping busy. She’ll be performing as Flock of Dimes at 9:30 Club tonight in support of EL VY, and in concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra tomorrow evening (November 12) for a special performance with Andy Stack, the other half of Wye Oak.

Stream the deliciously frenetic Flock of Dimes effort “Prison Bride,” plus a Dungeonesse cut for a sample of Wasner’s creative whimsy and plush vocals.

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