Young Magic – Lucien

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New York experimental-pop duo Young Magic, comprised of Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel are getting ready to drop their new album Still Life as they head out on tour to support Yeasayer. Inspired by the native culture of Malay’s birthplace of Indonesia, the new record is a cultural tribute to the singer’s roots. Take for example the LP’s lead single “Lucien” — the video for which was based on the Balinese holiday known as Nyepi.

In Malay’s words: “There is a day called Nyepi or ‘Day of Silence’ where no one leaves the house because it’s believed bad spirits fly over the island. They burn effigies of their monsters (Ogoh Ogoh) and then everyone hides indoors for 24 hours. It’s incredible, the streets are completely empty. I’m not sure if these ghosts still follow me in New York, but making ‘Lucien’ was my way to make an effigy of my own Ogoh Ogoh, and then burn it to the ground.”

Symbolic, to say the least. Still Life will be out May 13 on Carpark Records, and is available for pre-order here. If you’re planning on seeing Yeasayer at 9:30 Club May 16, make sure you get there early enough to see Young Magic cast their incantations in person.

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