Snowblink – Feel Like A Man


I feel like a man, haven’t cried for weeks now,” Daniela Gesundheit opines on the latest Snowblink single. Borne out of a career-related, ambition-exhaustion, masculinity burnout, “Feel Like A Man” is a song about the exertion it often requires of women to have their voices heard. Speaking on the inspiration for the track, Gesundheit states: “I pictured myself as a man, feeling both the elation and intense frustration of being powerful.” Pretty potent, especially when buoyed above sparing strings and a suspenseful synth pattern.

For those unfamiliar with the duo, Snowblink is a folk/pop act comprised of Gesundheit and Dan Goldman of Toronto and Los Angeles. Purveyors of non-denominational devotional pop music, Snowblink draws influence from a background in South Indian vocal studies and a Jewish Cantorial repertoire. Gesundheit — who was also a featured vocalist alongside Brian Eno on Owen Pallett‘s In Conflict LP — has an amorphous sound that shifts effortlessly between dispassionate soprano and unapologetic animalistic tones. In conjunction with Goldman’s intimate and narcotic harmonies, together they construct an opulent, hypnotic aura inspired by the Japanese concept of beautiful imperfection called wabi-sabi.

It’s a lovely foundation on which to build a musical soundscape, which is why we’re looking forward to the coming of their new album, Returning Current. The record will be released on Outside Music September 9, but in the meantime, stream the new single and get in touch with your inner man below.

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