WILLS – Woes vs. Whoas


Wow. Or is it whoa? Either way, that will be the general sentiment when you hear the new single from WILLS, the handle of Bronx-bred artist William Johnson. WILLS delivers the freshness and originality on “Woes vs. Whoas,” an explosive track that fuses trip hop with rap, future soul–and a myriad of experimental sounds such as breakbeats, wind instruments, and deep bass.

As a composer, producer and sound designer, the now Minnesota-based artist has produced multimedia performance art for spaces such as New York’s the Apollo Theater and the Brooklyn Academy of Music; scored works for HBO; and contributed to a range of musical projects including Flume‘s recent LP Skin. WILLS’ work is also inspired by his father, Bruce Johnson, a musician who released avant-garde recordings with Strata-East Records in the ’70s. Given his unique background, it’s no surprise that those variegated influences should be expressed on his own oeuvre.

“Woes vs. Whoas” will be out on WILLS’ self-titled debut EP this September via IAMSOUND. And with edgy efforts like this, we have a feeling it won’t be long before the world takes notice of his ascending star.

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