Apothek – Roaring


Apothek [apo-teck] take a thoughtful, philosophical approach to their music as they explore existentialism without the dread through a hybrid of organic and synthetic sounds. By replacing worry with a sense of wonder, they attempt to uncover universal truths by exploring the more mundane details of our lives. Comprised of Morten Myklebust and Nils Martin Larsen, the Norwegian duo who just released their debut LP broach their craft from slightly different, albeit ultimately complimentary angles. Singer Myklebust has an inherently spontaneous writing process, while producer Larsen has a more measured and methodical strategy that comes from years behind a mixing desk.

Stream the intricately-constructed album opener “Roaring,” along with a dreamy reimagining of their first single “Family” below. Apothek’s self-titled debut is out now — released September 30 via Propeller Recordings.

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