Salt Cathedral – Unraveling (ft. Matisyahu)


While we try to stay away from politics on CokeCanPoetry, we can’t help but think that Salt Cathedral‘s new single, “Unraveling” is an apt allegory for the general disposition and discord that has enveloped the United States this past week. The New York based Colombian duo, comprised of Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada collaborated with acclaimed reggae artist Matisyahu on their new pop track that intermixes dancehall and Caribbean influences from their Colombian heritage with an upbeat and hopeful synthpop arrangement.

Interestingly enough, the effort marks Matis’ first collab with a woman — in defiance of one of his previously held Hassidic traditions. It’s a nice, inclusive message, the coming together of two different cultural backgrounds to create a harmonious and uplifting track. Ronderos sings: ‘And if you’re looking to fight me, intermittently / All I got for you is bread and flowers / And if you’re sitting beside me / Then let’s embrace the love and live for each other.‘ It’s a beautiful directive that would do the country well to consider during these divisive times.

Listen to the single below and look out for Salt Cathedral’s first full-length to release in 2017.

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