[CCP PREMIERE]: MRKI – Weird Nights


CCP is pleased to premiere the new single from Miami’s MRKI — a sublime slice of electronica entitled “Weird Nights.” The female artist takes her name from the Greek word meraki, a term used to describe the soul, love or passion that one puts into their work. Such is the aim of MRKI, who uses nu-R&B and experimental electronics on her latest effort to create a downtempo pop ballad with the help of fellow Floridian and producer known as Kaixen. The atmospheric track “Weird Nights” begins with a mystical, Purity Ring-esque opening and draws you in closer with melodic synth swirls and woodwind section throughout its duration until the final, shimmering denouement.

“Weird Nights” officially drops November 18 and is likely to be included on MRKI’s forthcoming EP, slated for an early 2017 release. Until then, wrap your ears in wonderful weirdness below.

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