TEN FÉ – Make Me Better


‘Tis the season for resolutions, and Ten Fé is here to remind us that those lofty goals we set for ourselves are not always feasible. Irrespective of their name (which means “have faith”), the band’s anthemic single “Make Me Better” marries a grand string section, shoegaze guitar line and sizable dose of reality. The London act, comprised of Ben Moorhouse and Leon Duncan harmonize on the chorus: ‘Way before you’d come / I knew that you would run / So don’t tell me you’ll change / No, don’t tell me you’ll change.’ It could be construed as cynical, but the duo sound calmly resigned to their fate.

Ten Fé spent the last year or so recording their “darkly romantic” debut record in Berlin with mega producer Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83). The LP, Hit The Light is slated to drop February 3, 2017 and is reportedly centered around the thematic tie of moving from darkness to light, of renewal and new beginnings. So maybe there’s hope for change after all.

Get a taste of the album by tuning in to “Make Me Better” below, and check out the more electronic-focused reconstruction from UNKLE as well.

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