Lyves – Darkest Hour


Tread carefully, cautions London-based artist Lyves on the song “Darkest Hour.” Following a period of personal change and loss, Lyves (aka Francesca Bergami) wrote and recorded the songs on her newly minted EP Like Water tucked away in an attic of a small Italian villa. Lyves combines a lush and R&B-suffused sound with a deep, resonate vocal that we can’t help but compare to Rhye.

Not one to divulge too many personal details, Bergami prefers to let the music exist on its own merit. She expounds: “When I worked in mental health I had a lot of people really open up to me, really let it all out – there’s something really beautiful and courageous about that. I really hope to offer something to people who might be going through a difficult time. I don’t want it to be about me. I want the music to speak for itself and possibly give something. That’s what fuels my passion.”

So interpret it how you will, but “Darkest Hour” feels like a very relevant track in this particular place and time in our country. Hear it below.

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