Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T-E-E-D) – Household Goods


Although I featured TEED on my Best-of-2012 list and mentioned him briefly on this Foals feature, I have been fascinated with the UK artist (and his futuristic headgear) for some time and have yet to pay him proper tribute. Thus, what better time to recognize electronic DJ/producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs than on the day of his concert in DC? (There are still tickets avail, though I can’t imagine why — what with his alleged glittery cannons and dancing dinosaurs on stage.)

TEED, otherwise known as Orlando Higginbottom released his first EP in 2009 and eventually his debut album Trouble in 2012. Sample some of the addictive and avant-garde electro-house beats with “Household goods” and “Garden” below, available on iTunes.

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