BIG DATA – Dangerous


Brooklynites Alan Wilkins and Daniel Armbruster of Big Data first caught my attention with their track “Dangerous,” off their debut EP 1.0 released October 1. Formed out of a mutual distrust for technology, the paranoid duo “explore the ever-increasing relationship between man and machine, and more specifically how the internet and social media have reshaped the human experience.” Magnetic bass combined with four-to-the-floor beats create the perfect psychedelic space for some paranoia-induced dancing.

And if you really want to have your head spin, check out their interactive video for”Dangerous” known as thefacehawk.*

*Warning: facebook account required!

2 thoughts on “BIG DATA – Dangerous

  1. I can’t help but draw connections of this song to the track created by Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember …what do you think? Do you also hear it?

  2. Yes! Very good ear! Seems that the chords are the same! However the tempo and voices are different. But definitely the base is the same!

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