Osca – Illume


Osca, the London heartbreakers are back with another gorgeous ballad. Their second official single, “Illume” is a flawlessly executed, heartrending follow-up to their premiere track “Blood.”

In a press release, vocalist Jack Kenworthy explains that the track is about “simplicity and how that always means the most.” He adds, “I remember going to Glastonbury that year when I wrote it, and coming back remembering Rolling Stones set ender, ‘Satisfaction’, and the way everyone sang along to all the words. I came home and was messing around on the piano, and the chorus came quickly. I started singing ‘Illume” for no reason. It’s not a word you hear often but it fit the melody, feeling bright and colourful.”

Feel free to press play on this one over and over and over.

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