THE COVERUP: Colouring – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye Rework)


A couple years back, we fell for a UK outfit by the name of Osca, who in the time since have underwent a rebrand and changed their name to Colouring. Whatever the reason for the change, their emotive and ethereal esthetic remains intact, and this week they’re supplying content for THE COVERUP–a segment in which we feature a fresh take on a classic. Colouring takes on Marvin Gaye‘s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” giving it a modern facelift through a dystopian, post-dubstep yet soulful soundscape. Vocalist Jack Kenworthy captures all of the hurt and confusion of the original, coloring us captivated in the process. Hear it straight from the source below.

Osca – Sleeptalk


Following their EP Blood, Osca have debuted their first single of the new year — a b-side to a track due out in March. Set against subdued guitar and melancholic synths, frontman Jack Kenworthy’s gorgeous vocals are on full showcase on “Sleeptalk.” The London quartet certainly know how to build anticipation, as with b-sides like this, the analogue seems almost superfluous. Stream the starry track below.

Osca – Illume


Osca, the London heartbreakers are back with another gorgeous ballad. Their second official single, “Illume” is a flawlessly executed, heartrending follow-up to their premiere track “Blood.”

In a press release, vocalist Jack Kenworthy explains that the track is about “simplicity and how that always means the most.” He adds, “I remember going to Glastonbury that year when I wrote it, and coming back remembering Rolling Stones set ender, ‘Satisfaction’, and the way everyone sang along to all the words. I came home and was messing around on the piano, and the chorus came quickly. I started singing ‘Illume” for no reason. It’s not a word you hear often but it fit the melody, feeling bright and colourful.”

Feel free to press play on this one over and over and over.

Osca – Blood


Formerly known as Kenworthy, the London quartet Osca debuted their first track, “Blood” earlier this month and it is a beaut. With piano-driven melodies and heartfelt harmonies, their sound is evocative of older, classic Coldplay. Also check out a live video of their gorgeous track “Heartache” and pick up a free DL of a fantastic edit below. As the young Jack Kenworthy in his earnest vocals sings, “And it’s like heartache, heartache, heartache in my bones… / Is this all I’ll ever know?”, his audible agony is heartbreakingly irresistible. Keep a lookout for these guys in the future.