GRRL PAL – Nerve


GRRL PAL Is a new duo from Australia who are on a mission to release a song a month until the end of 2015. Their latest track, proffered for the month of May is called “Nerve” and might be the dreamiest offering to date in their platter of “star-dusted bedroom pop.” Comprised of Danny K on production and Jay LeKat on vox, the duo show a more delicate, restrained side of their electropop sensibilities on the single, revealing more complexities with each ensuing listen.

“Nerve” will be released on a four-track EP due out sometime in August. Hear the single below, along with one of their more exuberant releases off their 2015 debut EP, Paradise. Co-produced by Parker Ighile (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna), the track “Dare” was inspired by a boozy game of spin the bottle — so take a chance and give it a spin, okay grrrl?

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