Sandra Sample – Get a Party


Happy weekend everyone! Whether you’re looking to get a party started, get your party on, or find a party this Saturday night — look no further than Sandra Sample‘s new single for some quality preparty motivation. The nascent Australian producer caught our attention with her second single and kinetic electronic jam “Get a Party.” Not much is known about the artist, but look out for more material allegedly on the way this year. Cue the confetti.

Rolls Bayce – Inside Out


The new single from Rolls Bayce bursts right out of the gate with a rollicking guitar riff and a catchy, ebullient vocal. Formed by three friends in 2014, the psych-soul trio from Brisbane fuse a familiar, classic pop/rock sound from the ’60s with a modern, psychedelic twist and the result is no short of spectacular. The first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut full length, “Inside Out” is a tight arrangement of a track and is sure to get you toe-tapping.

Rolls Bayce will be performing a launch show for the single at Brisbane’s The Foundry on November 10. Rock out to this number by pressing play below.

Big Scary – Over Matter


Melbourne’s Big Scary, comprised of Jo Syme and Tom Iansek, are releasing an ambitious third studio album, entitled Animal this Friday, September 2. Molded into four unique movements they’re calling the “4 Stages of the Animal” — Hunting, Lurking, Resting and Waking — these phases are meant to represent an evolution from dark to light, or evolution of man so to speak. While humans have the capacity to rise above our animal urges, our baser instincts are often in direct conflict with our higher-minded selves, creating a constant balancing act in the psyche.

As the duo stated in a press release: The extent to which we are all just animals with drives, urges and instincts was a question that particularly interested us. It is fascinating that we, as human beings capable of love, kindness, creativity and incredibly nuanced and complex thought are often in the same moment dealing with base drives, desires and hungers to be fed and satisfied; that we seemingly have a mind that is both a treasure and a torment; a mind that can equally throw up the twisted and perverted alongside the good and the Godly.

“Over Matter” is the aperture of the final chapter, which the band espouses as the emotional and spiritual heart of the album. Shaped through layered, oscillating synths, upbeat drums and a rising crescendo, the track is complemented by Iansek’s falsetto vocals and a gorgeous closing sax solo courtesy of collaborator Gus Rigby. “Lyrically it can be seen as descent into madness; life attacking from all angles; hysteria and confusion building to a simmering cacophony,” explains Big Scary. “There is also a surrender to all these things in the end, and the beginning of a transformation.”

Surrender yourself to the song and accompanying video for “Over Matter,” and be sure to scope the thought-provoking new LP in its entirety upon its release.

HUNTING – Oxygen, Organism, Double Darkness, Savior Add Vice

LURKING – Lone Bird, the Endless Story, Flutism, Up and Up and Up

RESTING – Breath Under Water, The Opposite of us, Heaven on Earth

WAKING – Over Matter, Lamina

Flamingo Jones – Fred Bear


If you’re in search for the perfect tropical score to accompany your plans for coastal exploration this summer, look no further than Melbourne’s Flamingo Jones — who was introduced to the world in 2015 by way of his debut EP Wet Sounds. Inspired by the likes Brian Wilson, Animal Collective and Harry Belafonte, the Australian artist has cultivated a sound which he has aptly labeled ‘Nature Beat.’ For a taste of the breezy sun-kissed soca vibes Jones has to offer, listen to “Fred Bear,” a calypso confection of syncopated beats and whimsical lyrical musings below.

Sui Zhen – Take It All Back


Australia’s “dream beat” artist Sui Zhen has already accumulated a following for herself overseas, but this month marks her first North American release. Born Becky Sui Zhen, the quirk-pop singer is a visual artist and art museum professional by day, who makes music inspired by Japanese lovers rock, ’80s electro-bossanova, and dubby-lounge pop (which she discovered on holiday in Japan). Her new album Secretly Susan dropped June 17 via TwoSyllable on digital platforms and pink vinyl. Take a listen to “Take It All Back” and pick up the album today for your tiki-tinged beach party playlist.

D.D Dumbo – Satan


Delighted to share the new one from a musician who was easily one of our favorite musos to emerge from Down Under over the last few years — D.D Dumbo. Having released his EP Tropical Oceans in late 2014, the Australian artist and musical raconteur aka Oliver Hugh Perry has a new album in the works and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Although the multi-instrumentalist is definitely someone you’ll want to see live, the production on Perry’s new song “Satan” sounds more polished than ever. Hard to deny the Sting comparison here, in which Perry weaves a compelling tale on the typically inventive and colorful cut replete with Eastern influences. Stream below.

Nearly Oratorio – Occlude


If Simon Lam’s lulling falsetto sounds familiar, that’s because he’s also an elemental part of groups I’lls and Kllo. His solo project, Nearly Oratorio is a distinctly personal endeavor that blends soft acoustics with more discordant electronic sounds grounded in deeper meaning. In fact, an oratorio is “an extended musical composition with a text more or less dramatic in character and usually based upon a religious theme, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra, and performed without action, costume, or scenery.” With music of such magnitude as his inspiration, it’s no surprise that the contemplative muso tackles abstruse subjects on his new EP Tin. The Melbourne-based artist’s aerial and alarmingly beautiful vocals recall those of Rhye‘s Milosh or Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon. Stream the EP’s exquisite single “Occlude” below.

Kllo – Bolide


Ascendant Australian duo Kllo (formerly Klo), made up of cousins Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul have announced the release date of their new EP Well Worn. This week they unveiled the lead single “Bolide,” a glitchy dance track written in Lam’s bungalow and inspired by Caribou‘s most recent album as well as the early work of Machinedrum. Sharing their thoughts on the track, the duo said: “The lyrics behind ‘Bolide’ are about unconditional love — caring about the happiness of another person without any thought of what we might get for ourselves. The ones we love can have a tendency to react to things unfairly and blow situations way out of proportion, but we love them just the same.”

Well Worn is out August 5 on Ghostly International (North America), Different Recordings // PIAS (UK/Europe/Japan) and Good Manners Records (AU/NZ/ROW). Hear the lead single below.

YesYou – Be Mine

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YesYou is a Brisbane-based electronic duo with a couple of EPs under their belt, but it’s their new song “Be Mine” that has captured our attention. Channeling the atmospheric sounds of Moby and Massive Attack, the track has a trip-hop beat with a droning, entrancing vocal sample, complete with strings and exquisite production. Listen to the effort, taken from their upcoming debut album below.

Banoffee – Oceans


Banoffee was one of our favorite breakout artists of 2014, and now the musical project of Martha Brown has returned with her new EP, Do I Make You Nervous?. The effort drops tomorrow, October 2 on Dot Dash / Remote Control Records, and can be streamed in full on Spotify today. Continuing her non-committal attitude toward any specific musical style that makes her sound so fresh — the EP fuses gliding synths and syncopated beats, and of course her signature textured vocals. Take a listen to standout track, “Oceans” and then revisit “Reign Down” from her self-titled debut EP below.