Nearly Oratorio – Occlude


If Simon Lam’s lulling falsetto sounds familiar, that’s because he’s also an elemental part of groups I’lls and Kllo. His solo project, Nearly Oratorio is a distinctly personal endeavor that blends soft acoustics with more discordant electronic sounds grounded in deeper meaning. In fact, an oratorio is “an extended musical composition with a text more or less dramatic in character and usually based upon a religious theme, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra, and performed without action, costume, or scenery.” With music of such magnitude as his inspiration, it’s no surprise that the contemplative muso tackles abstruse subjects on his new EP Tin. The Melbourne-based artist’s aerial and alarmingly beautiful vocals recall those of Rhye‘s Milosh or Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon. Stream the EP’s exquisite single “Occlude” below.

I’lls – Let Me Have Just One


Another day, another solid Australian electronic act. The Melbourne three-piece known as I’lls (and pronounced “isles”) is comprised of Simon Lam (drums, vocals), Hamish Mitchell (keys) and Dan Rutman (guitar). The guys, who are classically-trained jazz musicians call themselves “the outcasts of jazz — jazz rogues.” Having enjoyed success in their native Australia, they are on their way to breaking out overseas thanks in part to the support of artists like Chet Faker for their distinctive left-of-centre pop sound. Their new single, “Let Me Have Just One” is an intriguing and evocative track that will be featured on their upcoming EP, Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country.

Stream below and look out for the EP to release July 6 via Solitaire.