Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side


Following their 2013 full-length, Inform-Educate-EntertainPublic Service Broadcasting returned with new material this year, launching their second album in February. For those not familiar with PSB, the London duo use samples from archival footage and public information films to create guitar-driven electronica with an unusual but compelling and historical landscape.

In their new LP, The Race For Space, the astral act fly us back to the historic events between America and USSR in the quest for outer space from 1957 to 1972. The suspenseful track “The Other Side” — about Apollo 8’s orbit around the moon and their momentary loss of contact with NASA ground control — shows how the instrumentation seamlessly adapts to the spoken word to create a cinematic and inspirational tune.

PSB also recently released a remix EP of their single “Go.” Listen to LA-based producer Kauf‘s minimalist and stellar take below, and look out for PSB to be revisiting North America on tour sometime this fall.