RMX ROUNDUP: Marvin Gaye + Eau Claire / + Notize / Tracy Chapman + Bauke Top

It’s the dead of summer, and we’ve got another Remix Roundup for you to help keep you cool. This time we’re throwing down with some modern twists on old classics. First up is a mix of Marvin Gaye‘s “How Sweet It Is” by rising star and local DC producer, Eau Claire. Adding a tropical overlay and healthy helping of nu-disco to the original, this one has “feel-good” written all over it.

Eau Claire will be spinning at the BangOn!NYC Elements Music & Arts Festival August 22 in Brooklyn with the likes of XXYYXX, Amtrac and Autograf. Be sure to keep up with her on the interwebs as she plays a lot of local shows as well.

In keeping with the summery Marvin Gaye vibes, enjoy this edit of “Sunny” by Danish producer Notize. When the beat drops about 30 seconds in you can’t help but get into this golden groove.

And finally, shifting ahead a couple decades later we have Tracy Chapman‘s classic 1988 hit “Fast Car,” remixed by the Dutch producer known as Bauke Top. Upbeat and appropriately true to the original vocal line, Bauke Top allows you to enjoy this tune all over again with his contemporary rendition.

All three of these tracks are available for a free download, so visit the artists’ respective Soundcloud pages to snag ’em for your summer playlists.

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