RMX ROUNDUP: Jack + Eliza x Shy Girls / Chet Faker + D-Pulse / Wet + TÂCHES


It’s been some time since we posted a Remix Roundup, a segment in which we bring you the latest and greatest mixes on the webs. We got inspired though when we heard this new one from Shy Girls and had to share. The Portland producer has taken the lo-fi track “One Too Far” from NYC duo Jack + Eliza and suffused it with his own brand of bright electronics and synth-based instrumentals. Shy Girls’ rendition illuminates the harmonies of the original, and the finished product is a gorgeous demonstration of a rework done right.

Next is an edit of our favorite Australian crooner (none other than Chet Faker) by a St. Petersburg-based band called D-Pulse. “Bend” was a previously unreleased track from Faker, recorded during sessions for his 2014 debut LP Built on Glass. While the original has a definite minimalist reverb-immersed feel, D-Pulse fleshes out the dramatic elements of the cut with their slinky and top-notch production. It’s a stunning, magnetic mix and you can get it for free on Soundcloud.

To cap off this edition of RMX Roundup, we’ll leave you with TÂCHES tantalizing take on Wet‘s “Move Me.”

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