Highasakite – Golden Ticket


Highasakite have revealed the drop date of their forthcoming album Camp Echo — due out May 20 on Propeller Recordings. In advance of the release, the Norwegian collective previously shared the tempestuous track “Someone Who’ll Get It” and now they’ve unveiled the lead single “Golden Ticket.” The more upbeat, pop leanings of the track belie the dystopian subtext of the song, the opening line of which references a post-World War II poem by Gunvor Hofmo, ‘Det er ingen hverdag mer’ [translation: there’s no more every day]. “It’s a very famous verse, and was used a lot around the time of the Norwegian terrorist attacks [Oslo and Utøya, 2011],” explains vocalist Ingrid Helene Håvik. It’s this substantive nature of Highasakite’s lyricism alloyed with their sonorous arrangements that makes their music so resonant.

Camp Echo is available for pre-order HERE.

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