THE COVERUP: The TVC – Hold On We’re Going Home


We’ve received a good amount of noteworthy cover tracks lately, so we’re resurrecting the CCP segment we’re calling The CoverupThe TVC is the project of LA-based musician Spencer Riley, who solicited Nashville recording artist Connor Foley to sing vocals on this Drake cover of “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Slowing down the beat of the original R&B number, the addition of an addictive piano riff, guitar and Foley’s soulful voice renders The TVC rendition a commendable cover of the Grammy award-winning superstar.

The song was recorded live in the Hollywood Hills, CA studio of Tommy King (keyboardist for HAIM), adding to the authenticity of the cover. Look out for original material from The TVC coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy this bluesy acoustic cover of Drake’s instant classic.

RIRI ROUNDUP: DJDS / R. City / Brayton Bowman


All hail Queen RiRi. We were big fans of her No. 1 hit “Work” and collab with Drake, so we’ve got a special treat for you today. Although we personally feel the official remixes of the single let us down by not capturing the energy of the original, there’s no denying that the addictive track has spurred a profusion of creativity — so today we’re rounding up the most innovative of the “re-works” in this exclusive edition of Remix RiRi Roundup.

First up is a bootleg by DJDS (formerly known as DJ Dodger Stadium), the LA duo comprised of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy who recently lent their production chops to Kanye‘s The Life of Pablo. The mix flips the original by replacing the dancehall rhythm with aerial piano lines and deep house production. The only thing missing in this rendition is Drizzy, but it’s still an inspired reinterpretation that you can pick up for free on Soundcloud.

Another unauthorized remix comes by way of Rihanna collaborators, R. City or Rock City. The Caribbean-born brothers Theron and Timothy Thomas stay closer to the original on their revision, leaving the island influences intact but adding their own verses to the beginning. We dig the lyrical addition on this cut — which is also available for free download.

Last but not least, future-funk artist Brayton Bowman serves up an immaculate mashup of Rihanna and *NSYNC with “It’s Gonna Be RIH.” I mean, does it get any better? Produced by MNEK, the result is what would happen if NSYNC and Rihanna were to have a love child. Brayton Bowman, you win.