Tei Shi – Keep Running


Tei Shi struck a nerve in the zeitgeist in 2014 with hit song “Bassically” and has been running full speed ahead ever since. The NYC-based singer, born Valerie Teicher will release her debut full-length, Crawl Space March 31 on Downtown / Interscope records. The first single of the LP “Keep Running” is sonically aligned with previous efforts — a confident confluence of deconstructed pop, electronic and left-of-centre indie influences.

Speaking on the track, Teicher remarks: “‘Keep Running’ was the first new track I wrote shortly after releasing my last EP. It’s a kind of call to arms to someone you love, to take on and confront all of life’s obstacles together. To fight to stay together through thick and thin. A ride or die kind of love.”

It’s a highly evolved sentiment, much like Tei Shi’s sound itself. Stream below.


[CCP Interview]: The Landing on the Miracle of Human Existence & the Relative Absurdity of Anxiety


New York space-pop project known as The Landing is a one-man act, who thus far in his career has mostly been cloaked in enigma (by choice). What is known about the solo artist is that he’s a classically trained musician, who has scored films and composed original pieces for orchestra. He first sparked listeners’ attention with his array of astral creations contained in his 2014 debut, We Are, and is now gearing up to release his follow-up EP this June.

In advance of the big reveal, The Landing was generous enough to let us in on the optimistic philosophy and perpetual state of wonderment that underscores his creative inspiration.

How would you define your particular genre of music, and who are some of your artistic influences?

I’ve been branding my music as “space-pop,” which comes from a genre that emerged in the ’50s and ’60s now referred to as “Space Age Pop.” Composers of this time, Esquivel, Dick Hyman, Bob Thompson and the like, were responding to what was happening to the world around them at the height of the space race, when we were altering our perception of the possible, and in the process redefining what it means to be human; now a spacefaring species.

You can hear the sentiment of this time in this genre of music, not just the “other worldly” or exotic nature of it, but the optimism and hope and confidence of the era. I take a lot from these composers, not just sonically but in how engaged they were with the events of their time. Today I see a world that shows just as much promise in taking the next giant leap for humanity and I only want to be an active participant in the journey ahead.

So what informs the philosophy behind your music?

Human ambition and the human condition. Essentially, us and our efforts to find our place in the Cosmos, both literally as in the location of our solar system within our galaxy, our galaxy within the visible Universe, and spiritually as in what our very existence says about the Universe in which we inhabit.


We loved the EP, We Are that came out May of last year, particularly the lead track “Anxieties.” Could you speak to us about the inspiration for that song?

I appreciate it, and am so thankful that people have found something they connect with from the EP. Anxiety, I believe, is what happens when we lose sight of what’s really going on. Of course everyone has things they worry about, but I’ve found that if you stop and think about how the ground you’re standing on just is a small patch of land on a giant spherical Earth, and that our Sun is just a another star in the sky that happens to be really really close, that ALL of this, everything you see, used to be a huge cloud of gas expelled from a distant star long since dead, and now it’s you, and me, and everything we know, you arrive at a place of perspective where nothing can reach you, and your anxieties just fall away. It’s a miracle that any of this is possible, that this conversation is even taking place! From this cosmologically accurate point of view, what really is there to worry about?

You’ve hinted at making your live shows more of an ‘experience’ than simply a performance. Has that been developed and if so, what does that entail?

The live show is definitely still evolving, and obviously playing shows in New York City not every venue is capable of implementing these “experiences.” The main idea though is to get everyone at the show invested in the message, and to allow the audience to feel that they are as much a part of the experience as the music that’s happening on stage. So far I’ve implemented things like masked dancers that interact with the crowd and projected imagery, but I’m excited to see where it grows.

As are we! Stream The Landing’s second single “The Comes The Wonder” off of the forthcoming EP, How Strange To Be below.

Purity Ring – begin again // stranger than earth


Purity Ring received plaudits for their second studio album another eternity, released last month via 4AD. Following their futuristic debut Shrines in 2012, the Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick bring a contrasting, softer style to the table on the new album while maintaining their otherworldiness.

Stream standout single “begin again” below, followed by our favorite track “stranger than earth” (only available via Spotify for streaming).

Purity Ring will be playing two sold-out shows at DC’s 9:30 Club May 29, with Braids and Born Gold supporting.

Tei Shi – Go Slow


Another singer being hailed as a breakthrough artist after a successful run at SXSW, Tei Shi is on a bit of a hot streak right now. The chanteuse captivated us with her track “Bassically,” and now she’s shared another effort off her forthcoming EP, Verde — due out via Mermaid Avenue / Mom + Pop Music on April 14. Appropriately mellower than the aforementioned single, “Go Slow” is an airy, mellifluous number accompanied by a metered bassline.

Don’t miss Tei Shi on her upcoming North American/European tour, which kicks off in our very own DC on April 25 at DC9. Find the full tour schedule below.

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

4.25.15 – DC9 – Washington, DC
4.27.15 – Great Scott – Allston, MA *
4.29.15 – The Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY *
4.30.15 – MilkBoy – Philadelphia, PA
5.1.15 – MIT – Boston, MA
5.2.15 – Theatre Fairmount – Montreal, QC
5.8.15 – Popscene – San Francisco, CA ^
5.9.15 – Lyrics Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
5.11.15 – School Night – Los Angeles, CA ^
5.14.15 – The Great Escape 2015 – Brighton, UK
5.15.15 – Beursschouwburg – Brussels, Belgium
5.17.15 – London Calling Festival 2015 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
5.19.15 – Pop Up du Label – Paris, France
5.22.15 – Dot to Dot Festival 10th Birthday 2015 – Manchester, UK
5.23.15 – Dot to Dot Festival 10th Birthday 2015 – Bristol, UK
5.24.15 – Dot to Dot Festival 10th Birthday 2015 – Nottingham, UK
6.2.15 – O2 Academy Bournemouth – London, UK
6.3.15 – O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK
6.6.15 – Field Day 2015 – London, UK
6.7.15 – The Parklife Weekender 2015 – Manchester, UK

* w/ Shy Girls
^ w/ Lapsley

Young Wonder – Enchanted

Young Wonder

In honor of St. Paddy’s, we implore you to listen to the new gem from Ireland’s own electropop duo, Young Wonder. The Irish act first made a splash on the scene in 2012 with their self-titled debut EP, followed by their Show Your Teeth EP in 2013. Now, the duo comprised of Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman have offered up their new track “Enchanted,” which shows off their shimmering, astral production skills and bewitching Bjork-esque vocals, respectively. Expect a full-length album reveal from these two later this year.

Tei Shi – Bassically

tei shi

Tei Shi is the sobriquet of Valerie Teicher, the Brooklyn-based, Argentinian-born songstress who’s been generating a ton of buzz as of late. Having inhabited Buenos Aires, Bogota, Vancouver and Boston at various stages throughout her life, her multicultural background is reflected in the complexity of her music and the texture of her voice. She recently released her first single, “Bassically” with the Mom + Pop imprint Mermaid Avenue. The compelling track is confected of high notes, low tones, and lush melodies — all backed up by Valerie’s soft reverberated vocals and a strong synth bassline. Stream this gem below.

For the locals, Tei Shi will be performing tomorrow night at DC’s U Street Music Hall with Gems and VÉRITÉ as part of the All Things Gold concert series.