Spoon – Do You


Most music followers are aware by now that Spoon, the beloved indie rock band from Austin, Texas released their first album in four years this August. After the hiatus — in which the individual members pursued various solo projects — they came together refreshed and reenergized to create the critically acclaimed new LP, They Want My Soul. Collaborating with two major producers, Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning Jacket, Morrissey, The Strokes), and later Dave Friedman (Neon Indian, MGMT, Tame Impala), the band manages to achieve a sound that is classic Spoon with a modern, synth-coated spin.

Their track “Do You,” with its infectious melodies, catchy guitar riffs and gritty chorus is probably the most immediately accessible on the album. Listen below, along with two of our other favorites, “Outlier” and “Let Me Be Mine.”

And in case you missed the memo, Spoon is playing not one, not two, but THREE sold-out shows at Lincoln Theatre in DC this week (9/2 – 9/4). Hope you didn’t slack on this one!


And just for fun, some vintage Spoon. We summon you to let us know your favorite Spoon track in the comments!