Stranded Horse – Monde


Stranded Horse is the project of Parisian artist Yann Tambour, whose third album Luxe is out today via French label Talitres. Tambour, who began experimenting with an array of instruments at a young age—including the kora (a 21-string lute-bridge-harp made from calabash gourd and cowhide popular in West Africa)—continues to challenge himself instrumentally on the new effort. Nonetheless, the opening track of the album, “Monde,” is also the most simplistic, amounting to an exquisite french duet with Eloïse Decazes of pop-rock-folk act Arlt. Although according to Tambour the lyrics are meant to be ambigious, our french is a little rusty so some assistance with the translation would be appreciated, s’il vous plaît. Stream below.