Stranded Horse – Monde


Stranded Horse is the project of Parisian artist Yann Tambour, whose third album Luxe is out today via French label Talitres. Tambour, who began experimenting with an array of instruments at a young age—including the kora (a 21-string lute-bridge-harp made from calabash gourd and cowhide popular in West Africa)—continues to challenge himself instrumentally on the new effort. Nonetheless, the opening track of the album, “Monde,” is also the most simplistic, amounting to an exquisite french duet with Eloïse Decazes of pop-rock-folk act Arlt. Although according to Tambour the lyrics are meant to be ambigious, our french is a little rusty so some assistance with the translation would be appreciated, s’il vous plaît. Stream below.

THE COVERUP: We Were Evergreen – Be Like You


We’ve got a special treat in store for you today — in a new segment we’re calling The Cover-Up, we’re sharing a refreshingly innovative new cover from French trio We Were Evergreen. A contempo take on the track “I Wanna Be Like You” from Disney’s The Jungle Book, the electropop group give the original a fantastically modern makeover that will have you scratching your head wondering where you’ve heard this one before (had we not just told you).

Regarding the cover choice, the band said: We wanted to revisit a classic tune from everyone’s childhood: the original song not only has a great melody, but the lyrics themselves have a much deeper meaning than what the Disney film shows. By keeping the melodic base but making the arrangements darker, we wanted to bring out the idea lurking behind the song: that universal feeling of envy, the need to fit in – a theme that we already developed in our first album.

We Were Evergreen released their debut album Towards in 2014 and is currently at work on their second album. Get groovy with “Be Like You” below.

Artist Spotlight: Yuna


If you’ve not yet heard of Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, I implore you to spend some time getting acquainted with this rising star. Breaking onto the North American stage in 2012 with her self-titled debut, the already internationally-acclaimed artist released her follow up album Nocturnal this past fall.

Filled with velvety vocals and melodic instrumentation, highlights of the album include the sultry song “Falling,” produced by Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal of the musical duo Rhye. Watch the video for this enticing, disco-infused number below. Also a standout from the LP is the infectious single “I Wanna Go,” produced by Mike Einziger of Incubus. Check out a refreshing remix of the track by Parisian producer Belarbi below.

Another outstanding interpretation comes by way of Canadian duo Adventure Club with their insanely seductive rendition of Yuna’s earlier single “Lullabies.” Demonstrative, bass heavy and drop-laden, the mix only serves to amplify Yuna’s already emotionally-charged, signature soul-pop sound. Download both of these mixes (for free!) on Soundcloud today, and pick up Yuna’s new album on iTunes here.

Singles Bar: Valentine’s Edition — Lane 8 / TEEMID / Nicolas Jaar


Whether you intend on celebrating Valentine’s this year or plan on canceling the holiday all together, today’s roundup of electronic servings can be enjoyed regardless of romantic status. First up is San Francisco’s Lane 8, aka Daniel Goldstein’s newly released deep house production “The One,” featuring vocals by Patrick Baker. Also, French producer TEEMID has teamed up with Canadian singer-songwriter Daniela Andrade to cover Flight Facilities‘ “Crave You.” TEEMID’s take on the classic dance track is a sexy and refreshing rendering — pick up this pure cover gold for free by following the link on Soundcloud. The last one I’ll leave you with is an oldie but a goodie from house favorite Nicolas Jaar, one half of the New York duo Darkside. Sampling from The Searcher’s “Love Potion No. 9,” his slow-building edit “Stay in Love” is a shimmery and deliciously addictive disco-y number that will make you want to procure some of this mysterious elixir…

Tegan and Sara – “I Was A Fool” (Monsieur Adi remix)


While Tegan and Sara‘s latest album, Heartthrob may not have caught my attention at the time of its release earlier this year, this Monsieur Adi makeover of their track “I Was A Fool” certainly did. The Parisian producer turns the simple track into an 80’s pop ballad with its four-to-the-floor beat — and a synth chord that reminds me a little of this Boy Meets Girl gem.

au revoir, Air France

Sad day – Air France has announced their retirement.


We’ll make this brief, because it hurts too much.

During the first year of Air France, somewhere in the middle of the last decade, everything seemed to come so easily. At least it feels like that right now. We’d meet on friday nights to drink wine, listen to music and picture ourselves far off, somewhere on the outskirts on the big map Henrik had on his wall. The songs we made during those nights weren’t really supposed to ever leave the hard drive, but somehow they did, and somehow they took us to almost all the places on that big map we had dreamt about. We got to play records at the Rough Trade store in London, we went to the Red Square, we woke up on Iceland during a volcanic eruption, we drank beer at the cliffs of the Niagara, we spent a night in a freezing staircase in Warzaw (otherwise a fantastic weekend), we saw dolphins in the waters of LA, we got a smile from Larry David as he passed us on a street in Paris, watching us trying to open a bottle of wine, we played records for 4 hours under a blistering July sun in New York, we spent a day in the most beautiful spa in Budapest, we’ve heard our nervous voices on radio and TV, we’ve played records after two sold out Saint Etienne shows (but to be honest, only a handful stayed behind to see us), we’ve written a song together with our idol Clare Grogan (although we did managed to botch it) and we got sampled by Lil B. But it’s the little moments that has been the most dear to our hearts, like the days and nights in Brackenbury Village that we spent in our manager’s back yard with his wonderful wife and sons, who made us feel like part of the family, or being drunk on airplanes, just the two of us, and all the people we’ve been fortunate enough to get to know, if only for a night.

And we have probably produced 7 albums since No Way Down; a UK Garage record, a house record, an r ‘n’ b record… but we’ve never been able to finish anything, nothing was ever good enough. We have tried so hard, and we truly gave it all we had. And now we have decided to stop trying, even though it breaks our hearts. But for all the reasons mentioned above, and for a thousand more, we don’t regret a thing.

We wish we could thank all the people who has helped and inspired us, but we’d probably forget to mention half of you, so here’s just a big thank you to those who were involved in the making of the record: Teresa and Kajsa for singing so beautifully, Angelica of Body Language for lending her voice to a song that would have been called “I always think about you when I’m drunk”, our patron Kevin Campbell who helped us in giving this record one last chance (there are no words that can describe just how grateful we are), our Eric of Sincerely Yours, our manager David Laurie, our publisher XL, Joe for running our facebook page.

And much love to Rich Thane, families and girlfriends, sister Hanna, Henning Fürst, Marc Hogan, all of you who sent us letters, all of you who stuck around to watch us play, and all of you who opened your homes and hearts and cars and took us to water falls, big squares, beaches, record stores, monuments, valleys, mountains and zoos.

Goodbye for now. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you again in another shape. After all, we’re people that never stop dreaming.

Henrik and Joel

On that note, my favorite Air France tune…


And a remix from Memory Tapes: