RMX ROUNDUP: Shura + Delorean / ViLLΛGE + Henry Krinkle / Tom Misch & Carmody + Wild Culture


It’s been a slow start for electronic music in the new year thus far, so we’re beginning this week’s installment of Remix Roundup with one we missed in 2014, the Delorean rework of British songstress Shura. One of the strengths of the Spanish act is their eye for source material, which in this case is Shura’s debut single, “Touch.” Delorean drops their signature percussive production style over the dreamy pop ballad and the result is a match made in sonic heaven.


Next is a mix from Henry Krinkle that we’ve been sitting on for awhile. The LA-based producer takes the house track “Wanna Tell You” from Romanian electronic artist ViLLΛGE and weaves it into a lush, tropical synth-laden affair with drums, bass and yes, xylophone. Listen below.


Finally, we have the Austrian duo Wild Culture with their latest remix of Tom Misch and Carmody’s collaborative track, “So Close.” Wild Culture layer the guitar-licked, vocal-centric duet with a four-to-the-floor dance beat and subtle atmospherics to spice things up. Stream the exquisite effort below.