Wye Oak – Shriek


We’re willing to admit when we’ve made a mistake, and in this instance it was not covering Wye Oak‘s 2014 album Shriek last year. We’re remedying this now, however, because the ethereal, dreampop soundscapes of the Baltimore duo—composed of multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack and vocalist Jenn Wasner—fall right within our wheelhouse. In an effort to transform themselves on their fourth studio album, Wye Oak shed their guitars for a more synthesized sound and the result is nothing short of stupendous. Wasner’s angelic alto has a calming effect that reaches its full potential on palpable songs like “Shriek” and “Before,” the opening tracks of the LP. Stream these efforts from the immensely talented duo below. Wye Oak has also announced a special upcoming performance with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in November.