RMX Roundup: Coldplay + Urban Contact / BreakDLaw + ManiezzL / L D R U + Yahtzel


Chris Martin may be making news lately for his “conscious uncoupling” with Gwyn, but as you may’ve also heard he has his new album Ghost Stories coming out April 19. Cbeck out the superb Urban Contact remix of Coldplay’s new minimalist single “Midnight” below and consciously calm yourself over the stars’ split. A free download is available on the Urban Contact’s facebook page here. Next up in this issue of Remix Roundup is the sexy rework of BreakDLaw’s “Paint Me Like A French Girl” by ManiezzL, aka Austrian producers Max Manie and Scheinizzl. With the pulsing synths and lively house beat, you’ll be “eager and keen” to stream below. Finally we have Future Classic’s latest act L D R U, collaborating with fellow Aussie Yahtzel on the ebullient track “The Only One.” Find this fantastical fusion of tropical bass and ambient beats gratis on Soundcloud.

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