RMX ROUNDUP: HAERTS + Avec Sans / Bonobo + SaneBeats / Sam Smith + Soul Clap


Happy Saturday everyone! This week’s edition of Remix Roundup begins with a new rework of HAERTS‘ “Hemiplegia” by the UK act Avec Sans. Having ties to the HAERTS’ bassist Derek McWilliams (Alice Fox of Avec Sans was formerly in a band with him), it made perfect sense that they should put their own spin on “Hemiplegia,” applying their signature synths to transform the original into an uplifting summery mix. Stream below and pick up a free download via their Facebook page. Next up is the more downtempo but still brilliant, percussion-focused remix of Bonobo‘s “Terrapin,” by the young London producer known as SaneBeats — also available for free DL on Soundcloud. Lastly, I leave you with another stunning remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” this time from Boston based duo Soul Clap. Dubbing their effort as ‘the Balearic remix,’ Soul Clap slows things down with mesmerizing synths and groovy calypso beats. Stream below.

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