St Tropez – In Pictures

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Formed in 2012, St Tropez is a new nostalgic indie pop band based out of Oakland, California. Influenced by a variety of old school genres, including 60’s folk, classic dub and Afrobeat, the retro-loving five-piece released their first single, “In Pictures” in May and is already making a stir on the blogosphere with their unique brand of bittersweet, bleached out pop.

Consisting of members Sanjay Vora (guitar/vocals), Aki Ehara (bass/production), Jeremy Fisch (drums), Lalin St. Juste (vocals), and Tom Lattanand (guitar/keys), St Tropez is currently working on their first and self-produced LP record, set to debut sometime this fall.

If the dreamy, hazy new single is any indication, these guys surely won’t be label-less for long — looking forward to what more the album has to offer. And generous as they are talented, they’re giving away the track as a free download on SoundCloud, so get to steppin’!

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