RMX ROUNDUP: AlunaGeorge + Danny T / Oscar Key Sung / HAERTS + Joywave


This week’s installment of Remix Roundup features some mixes that have been on our back burner for awhile. But that doesn’t make them any less appealing, so let’s get started with Danny T‘s rework of AlunaGeorge‘s track “Outlines.” The Sydney-based producer takes the low-key original and smathers on some sick house vibes, rendering it dance-floor ready. And all you have to do to snag the track for your collection is ‘like’ his Facebook page here. Thanks, Danny!


As if there wasn’t enough good music coming out of Australia, the next cut comes from rising Melbourne-based singer/songwriter/producer Oscar Key Sung. Off his Holograms EP released earlier this year, “All I Could Do” is an explosive dance track with masterful production from Key Sung, who uses pitched-down samples, aching soulful vocals, and a shuffling beat to propel the track forward. One listen and you’ll be singing Sung’s praises.


Last but not least, we’ve been digging this Joywave edit of HAERT‘s “All the Days” as of late. Taking the ardent original and transforming it into a propulsive deep house number, NY production team Joywave set the stage early in the track with sinister sounds of saxophone, creating a melancholic mood until the last chorus comes crashing in around 3:33. Stream below.

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