RMX ROUNDUP: Laura Doggett + Gilligan Moss / Milky Chance + Disciples / Daughter + LCAW


Welcome to another Remix Roundup, in which we bring you the latest and greatest mixes roaming about the interwebs. First up, we’re thrilled to share the new effort from Gilligan Moss, the Chicago-based electronic artist who continues to impress us with his artful production work. This time he undertakes the sultry track “Moonshine” from London chanteuse Laura Doggett, slicing its silky framework into a progressive and rhythmic reinterpretation. Pitch-shifting the vocals to be higher at some points and lower at others creates a nice contrast against the natural lower register of Laura’s sinuous vocals. Stream below.

Next we have the Disciples deep house edit of “Down By The River” from Milky Chance. The German duo came out of the woodworks this year with their hit track “Stolen Dance” off debut album Sadnecessary, where the sulky “DBTR” can be found also. With their flair for future-retro sound, the UK trinity aka Disciples add a slick bassline to the moody track for a more polished feel. Give it a spin below.

To complete the folksy throughline we seem to have crafted in this week’s roundup, enjoy this LCAW remix of “Run,” a B-side track from the UK indie folk trio known as Daughter. The German producer speeds up the tempo on the more muted original, accentuating the guitar lines and creating an almost onomatopoetic effect. We dig.

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