RMX ROUNDUP: Le Youth / TAPES / Toyboy & Robin


Welcome to another Remix Roundup, in which we bring you the latest mixes and electronic tracks currently burning up the blogosphere. After the last installment of folk-themed mixes, we thought we’d shake things up with some soulful R&B-tinged dance tracks this week. Starting us off is electronic artist Le Youth with his latest reimagining, “R E A L.” Pitching down the vocals from Brandy’s 1994 hit “I Wanna Be Down,” the LA producer (born Wes James) sprinkles some of his signature nu-disco and house vibes onto the original with a rapturous rendition that feels like 90s nostalgia personified.


Next we have a new track from an Ohio-based artist TAPES, who last month put out his EP entitled Songs to Drake Up To — a play off Ta-Ku’s album Songs to Break Up To. Seems appropriate, since according to TAPES the album was inspired by a personal breakup, after which he used the sounds of Ta-Ku and Drake to help cope. “Tried To” is an electronic recast of Drake’s “Take Care” with a more dance-infused production style. Where TAPES may have tried and not succeeded interpersonally in the past, he thrives with this upbeat reinterpretation of the Drake piece. Take care to stream below.


And finally we have the latest jam from Toyboy & Robin, “Don’t Just Say.” Actually influenced by Le Youth and other artists at the forefront of future house, the UK production duo deliver an energetic dance track that uses spliced and looped vocals from Brownstone’s 1993 R&B classic, “If You Love Me.” Transforming it an invigorating and glittering house number with the use of piano lines, layered synths and drum machines, this mix is sure to ignite dance floors everywhere.

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