RMX Roundup: PANG! / Durante / Lil Silva + George FitzGerald


We’re in the midst of summer now, and we’ve got another installment of Remix Roundup this week to help keep you cool. For the unitiated, this is CCP‘s biweekly segment in which we serve up a triad of the latest and greatest mixes and electronic works in circulation.

The first offering we have today comes from an electronic duo out of Sweden known as PANG! They impressed us last year with their track “Touch,” a retake on Christina Aguilera‘s “What A Girl Wants.” Now, the contemporary duo comprised of Kristoffer Kent and Alexander Fahlberg have another release on Dutch label Dirty Soul Records called “Grow On Me.” The track is about the uncertainty of taking a romantic leap with someone new, and features deep house elements fused with high trumpets and soaring vocals.

Next up is an original from Italian-born, Florida-bred producer as Durante. The currently LA-based artist just released his two-track EP Goddess / Cold, which firmly places the producer’s sound in the realm of rhythmic house with a side of Balearic beats. Speaking on the lead cut “Goddess,” Durante says the track is about “the inner goddess inside of everyone and the raw power of being in touch with one’s inner feminine qualities.” It’s an percussive, exotic number with a tribal-sounding drum line and enticing vocals, accompanied by visual art from female illustrator So-Hyun Bae. With an inventive style of electronic music, Durante is one to put on your radar.

Last but not least, we loved the single “Lines” from Lil Silva‘s from 2016 EP Jimi. Now, the original song from the UK producer has been given the remix treatment by London’s George FitzGerald. Increasing the tempo of the ethereal prototype, FitzGerald stays true to the original sentiment by keeping the synth flourishes to a minimum, while adding a beat that’s sure to make for a euphoric late-night dance party. Listen below.

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