RMX Roundup: Empress Of + ABRA / ON AN ON + RAC / Delaire + Delorean


Semi last-minute edition of Remix Roundup this weekend, because why not. Empress Of produced one of our favorite records this past year, and now her tourmate, ABRA the darkwave duchess has reworked her single “Standard.” While the original is excellent in its own right, ABRA’s edit adds a frenetic, skittering element with a characteristic dark-pop edge that fans of Empress Of are sure to appreciate.

Next is the recent RAC remix of Minneapolis’ trio ON AND ON‘s early 2015 track “Drifting.” Elevated by RAC’s graceful electronic beats, André Anjos twists the track into a fuller, more dynamic recast using the original acoustic-leaning cut as a framework. Notable is Nate Eiesland’s vocals, which even when while yowling “I gotta get out” during the chorus still sound exquisite.

And last but not least is a reinterpretation of a song by newcomer Delaire from purveyors of dreamy electronic music, Delorean. As usual, the Spanish quartet made an outstanding choice by borrowing the beautiful debut track, “Belief” from the UK chanteuse and bringing it into the limelight with their stunning, diffuse and synth-injected rendition.



Atlanta artist ABRA released her debut album Rose this past summer, but we were only recently acquainted by way of her supporting gig for Empress Of. Seems like an appropriate pairing for someone who calls themself “the darkwave duchess.” This pseudonym definitely fits her dark pop sound — with the minor-key chords and ’80s style synths, well-suited for fans of Solange and FKA Twigs. On the LP’s tense lead single “ROSES XOXO,” ABRA seethes “but you taste best when you’re in full bloom” as she explores the subject of betrayal and deception. Smell the roses and stream below.