RMX ROUNDUP: Shakarchi & Stranéus + HNNY / Bag Raiders / Hundred Waters + Shigeto


Welcome to another edition of Remix Roundup, a segment in which we bring you the latest and greatest mixes circulating the interwebs. First up is a refreshing upbeat edit of Swedish duo Shakarchi & Stranéus‘ “Hissmusik” from fellow Swedish producer HNNY (pronounced honey). The track amounts to insanely infectious dance music, complete with playful bass, an addictive vocal hook and even a flute solo. Treat your ears to this aural nectar below.

In keeping with this breezy and convivial vibe, we take a short remix interlude to bring you this blithe electronic track from Sydney’s Bag Raiders that we’ve had up our sleeves for some time. The now LA-based duo, Chris Stracey and Jack Glass import the tropics with “Nairobi,” an instrumental track infused with marimba melodies and conga rhythms that make us anxious for summer. Although the track was released on an EP of the same name last year, the group is allegedly at work on their second album.

Lastly, Michigan producer Shigeto recently was tasked with reworking a Hundred Waters track for their Remix album of The Moon Rang Like a Bell. While “Cavity” is a dark and spectral tune perfect in it’s own right, the Ghostly International-signed artist manages to add some levity to the original in a way that doesn’t detract — but rather gives it a new form entirely.

Exquisite instrumentation with Shigeto’s signature chimes and an intricate melody make for a revivifying final product, that sends our hearts soaring when the looping begins around 1:35 minutes in. Stream this Little Dragon-esque delicacy below, and be sure to pick up the entire Remix LP on iTunes while you’re at it.

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