Rooms – Cry Baby


From the opening discordant strings of “Cry Baby,” you know something is amiss. And the intent of Rooms‘ smoldering new track becomes plain when you read their statement on the piece: “I know you cheated on me at the Loews in Santa Monica.” Classy. The smooth production of burnished bedroom pop that follows, however, belies the feeling of enmity that clearly underlies the song.

Way to turn your broken heart into art, we way. Listen to the track from the new LA duo below.

Wildhart – Shake Off


‘You better shake off the stones that bother you / You better turn them into gold / You better shake them off, break them down’ warns Wildhart in an impassioned delivery during the final, frenzied dazzling moments of new song “Shake Off.”

The Swedish trio explains: “Shake Off is a fuck you to all the hardships that you carry inside when living in an patriarchic world. It’s a cry of frustration — but at the same time an anthem, a source to find strength in.” And point of fact, the experimental piece is an empowering, jittering and deconstructed composition that manages to combine elements of jazz, indie, and electronic pop. While hard to categorize, this is the exact forward thinking and eclectic brand of alt-pop that we’ve come to expect out of Scandinavian exports.

Made up of Ylva Holmdahl (vocals), Kiwi Berg (synthesizers) and Josefin Runsteen (drums), Wildhart has already drawn comparisons to Minneapolis art-rockers Poliça and Californian quartet Warpaint. While the comparison is warranted, with alchemic tracks like this one who knows — new artists may one day be likened to Wildhart.

“Shake Off” is the lead single off the group’s debut album, Shine, which will be released November 11 via Swedish label Gaphals. Preorder your copy here.

Kisses – The Nile


While we wait patiently to be wowed by new releases in the new year, we thought to share a recent effort from alt-pop outfit Kisses, who released their third album Rest in Paradise this past October. The LA duo has always been a reliable source for groovy dance beats, and standout track off the new LP “The Nile” is no exception. According to singer Jesse Kivel, “The Nile” is a nod to a Rod Stewart track that he felt mirrored some of his more obscure disco favorites from the ’70s. “Both me and Zinzi are really interested in pop artists who ‘went disco’—Paul McCartney, The Stones, Blondie, Rod Stewart, the list goes on. Putting these two worlds together was something we felt destined to do,” Kivel explained to Interview mag. It’s the best, so stream below.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses – Messenger


At CCP we love all things local, and we especially love when local entities demonstrate real potential. That’s why when we first heard the sounds of DC-based Tigers Are Bad For Horses, we immediately agreed to feature their new EP. Today marks the release of the alt-pop duo’s debut EP, TABFH, the first compilation since their formation in 2014. Comprised of Mellen and Lyell, Tigers began when the former sang on one of Lyell’s film scoring projects. They quickly became a musical dyad, informed by a range of influences from Bonobo to Bon Iver — but eventually forging their own blend of piano-infused, jazz-influenced electronic pop with multi-layered production and lilting vocals.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses will be celebrating the release of their debut EP in DC tonight, and headlining Rock & Roll Hotel December 19 so if you’re in the area come on out to support this local talent.

Saturday, Monday – Marble Coast (ft. Brolin)

Saturday Monday_Late_Cover Final

Saturday, Monday is a Swedish artist that recently collaborated with British singer Brolin on new single, “Marble Coast.” The beautiful alt-pop track combines classic elements such as chamber strings with modern electronics and achingly good vocals from Brolin.

Taken from Saturday, Monday’s upcoming EP Late, look forward to the official release March 23 on Swedish label Despotz.

Brolin. – Swim Deep


Brolin is another one of those elusive up-and-coming artists who prefer to play it close to the vest when it comes to divulging one’s identity. As tends to be the case though, talent speaks for itself when you have affective alt-pop tracks like “Swim Deep” to showcase. The mysterious British singer and producer will be releasing the single as part of an EP of the same name on October 27.

Brolin’s debut album is also expected to drop sometime early in the new year.

The Neighbourhood – Alleyways


The Neighbourhood is a new alt-pop group out of California that has been embraced by the indiesphere after releasing a succession of singles in anticipation of their April 23rd drop of debut LP, I Love You.

And while I’m not sure I would requite the album’s sentiment, I am wildly in-like with their song “Alleyways” (shit gets real at 0:52 in the bridge). If you’re intrigued and want to hear more, the album can be streamed in its entirety via Rolling Stone here.

*Update: The Neighbourhood will be embarking on a US tour with The 1975 June 4th!