RMX ROUNDUP: La Roux / Seven Lions + Ellie Goulding / Milwaukee + Keljet


Although it’s been a pretty temperate summer by most standards, it’s still the hottest time of of the year — which is why we all deserve to cool down with some tropical electronic tunes. So to kick off this edition of Remix Roundup, we have La Roux‘s single, “Sexotheque” off of her new album Trouble in Paradise. Probably my favorite song of the album that I’ve heard so far, this upbeat track pulls you in from start to finish with its infectious melodies and glistening hooks. Stream the preview below (or listen in full on Indie Shuffle), and pick up the track in its entirety on iTunes.

Next is a staggering collaboration between Ellie Goulding and Seven Lions, one of dance music’s leading innovators. Layering a sleek bass line with Ellie’s silky vocals, the Santa Barbara producer has achieved an energetic and emotive gem with the house track “Don’t Leave,” off his new EP Worlds Apart (via Casablanca Records).

And finally, rounding things off is the Keljet remix of Milwaukee‘s “Alone,” which I stumbled upon recently while revisiting another rework of the same song by Amtrac. It’s been around for a little over a year, but merits a resurrection with its driving synths, anthemic chorus and underlying feel of the tropics. Perfect for any dance floor or rooftop party, pick up the Alone EP on iTunes today.