RMX ROUNDUP: Jack Ü + AlunaGeorge / Seekae + Henrik Schwarz / Ellie Goulding + XYconstant


Welcome to another Remix Roundup, a semi-biweekly segment in which we over at CCP bring you the latest and greatest mixes currently buzzing around the blogosphere. The first track in this installment comes by way of Jack Ü, aka the powerhouse duo Skrillex and Diplo who recently dropped a surprise LP with some heavy hitting featured artists including Missy Elliott, 2 Chainz, and Justin Beiber. Our favorite collab by far though has to be “To Ü,” which features UK darlings AlunaGeorge. It’s a dynamic, kinetic dance number that accents Aluna’s alluring vocals. Oh — and there’s some dubstep in there too, lest we forget who’s driving this force.

We’ve also been doting on this deep house remix of Seekae‘s “The Worry” from prolific German producer Henrik Schwarz. We dug the album of the same name that Seekae, the electronic outfit from Sydney released last year, and now Schwarz has gone and spun the single into an epic extended edit. Stream this sleek and serpentine rework befitting of the original’s intrigue below.

Last month we shared the ATB remix of Ellie Goulding‘s “Love Me Like You Do,” and shortly thereafter London producer XYconstant went and upped the ante, delivering an even sexier and more progressive rendition. We love the looped vocals and intricate synth work that make this mix stand above the rest. So listen and love it like you do — what are you waiting for?

RMX ROUNDUP: MNEK x Vanessa Carlton / Ellie Goulding + ATB / Justin Timberlake + Deficio


We’re back with a new installment of Remix Roundup, which features some big house mixes this week. The first comes courtesy of MNEK, the UK producer who has crafted Vanessa Carlton‘s early 2000s hit “A Thousand Miles” into a banging house number, even sampling The B-52’s classic “Love Shack.” Listen to the explosive result of his inventive efforts below, baby.

Next up we have a new treat from legendary German producer ATB, who just released his remix of Ellie Goulding‘s “Love Me Like You Do” in anticipation of his tenth studio album. Unleashing his euphoric house production alongside Ellie’s enchanting vocals, ATB takes the original track to new heights in his progressive dancefloor-pounding rendition.

Last but not least we have a massive remix of Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River” from Deficio. As of late it was covered by CHVRCHES, and now the Swedish producer has reworked the track into an invigorating house number infused with some serious synth work and thunderous beats. Stream below.

RMX ROUNDUP: La Roux / Seven Lions + Ellie Goulding / Milwaukee + Keljet


Although it’s been a pretty temperate summer by most standards, it’s still the hottest time of of the year — which is why we all deserve to cool down with some tropical electronic tunes. So to kick off this edition of Remix Roundup, we have La Roux‘s single, “Sexotheque” off of her new album Trouble in Paradise. Probably my favorite song of the album that I’ve heard so far, this upbeat track pulls you in from start to finish with its infectious melodies and glistening hooks. Stream the preview below (or listen in full on Indie Shuffle), and pick up the track in its entirety on iTunes.

Next is a staggering collaboration between Ellie Goulding and Seven Lions, one of dance music’s leading innovators. Layering a sleek bass line with Ellie’s silky vocals, the Santa Barbara producer has achieved an energetic and emotive gem with the house track “Don’t Leave,” off his new EP Worlds Apart (via Casablanca Records).

And finally, rounding things off is the Keljet remix of Milwaukee‘s “Alone,” which I stumbled upon recently while revisiting another rework of the same song by Amtrac. It’s been around for a little over a year, but merits a resurrection with its driving synths, anthemic chorus and underlying feel of the tropics. Perfect for any dance floor or rooftop party, pick up the Alone EP on iTunes today.

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You (EMBRZ Remix)


Jack Casey — or EMBRZ as he is known — is a young producer out of Ireland who demonstrates his potential on this Cyril Hahn-esque arrangement of Ellie Goulding‘s “How Love Will I Love You.” While the original is a bit of a sleeper (sorry, Ellie!), the downtempo adaptation is a staggering and affective ballad.