RMX Roundup: EXROYALE + Ra Ra Riot / EMBRZ / Mayer Hawthorne + Mitzi

Exroyale (1)

Another Saturday night is upon us, which means it’s time for a roundup of this week’s finest electronic offerings. EXROYALE, a mysterious new group (self-described as a glow in the dark game of truth or dare), have a track called “Give It Up” that has been given the remix treatment by Ra Ra Riot‘s Milo Bonacci. Pick up a free download of the energetic track here and play it on repeat. Also, the Irish electronic producer EMBRZ has just released a melodic new track, “Make Your Way.” Lastly, the Sydney-based group Mitzi have released a rad reinterpretation of Mayer Hawthorne‘s “Reach Out Richard.” Grab the garage disco track gratis here.

Ra Ra Riot – Is It Too Much

ra ra riot

I had all but overlooked Ra Ra Riot‘s new album (panned by critics), when whilst on my way to work one morning I heard the following track on the radio and had that old swooning feeling associated with the group’s debut record, The Rhumb Line.

The NY-based group’s third album, Beta Love released January 2013 comes as a departure from their signature chamber/baroque pop sound, which incorporated more string instrumentation and less electronic elements (the cellist recently left the band). “Is It Too Much,” however, hearkens back to their original sound and is a reminder of the group’s sweet and poignant appeal.

Despite the transitional period the band is evidently experiencing, I regret not being able to see them at DC’s 930 Club the day after their album dropped. Hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future, however, as the group navigates their way (and their place) in this brave new electronic era.