Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side


Following their 2013 full-length, Inform-Educate-EntertainPublic Service Broadcasting returned with new material this year, launching their second album in February. For those not familiar with PSB, the London duo use samples from archival footage and public information films to create guitar-driven electronica with an unusual but compelling and historical landscape.

In their new LP, The Race For Space, the astral act fly us back to the historic events between America and USSR in the quest for outer space from 1957 to 1972. The suspenseful track “The Other Side” — about Apollo 8’s orbit around the moon and their momentary loss of contact with NASA ground control — shows how the instrumentation seamlessly adapts to the spoken word to create a cinematic and inspirational tune.

PSB also recently released a remix EP of their single “Go.” Listen to LA-based producer Kauf‘s minimalist and stellar take below, and look out for PSB to be revisiting North America on tour sometime this fall.

Pleasure Curses – Lust


Pleasure Curses is a DC electronic duo that just released their new EP Pure / Lust on homegrown label Prince George Records. Recorded in an isolated and unfurnished house outside Chicago, the concept of the three-track EP was to “merge the cold, rigid sounds of new-wave synthesizers and drum machines with the vibrancy and energy of samba-inflected percussion.”

The lead single “Lust” is a minimal, shadowy track with a light dusting of disco. Listen below and if you’re in the ‘hood, catch Pleasure Curses opening for Tei Shi this Saturday, April 25 at DC9, and then May 22 at the Smithsonian.

Beacon – Fault Lines


Brooklyn-based duo Beacon released their EP L1 in December last year, their latest effort since 2013’s full-length debut, The Ways We Separate. Signed to Ghostly International, vocalist/producer Thomas Mullarney and producer Jacob Gossett make minimalist and R&B imprinted electronic music. Look no further than “Fault Lines,” the lead track off the EP for a sampling of their deeply haunting and percussive-heavy, after-dark instrumentation. Listen below along with the stunning “Feeling’s Gone,” from the aforementioned LP.

DC locals can catch Beacon live in concert tomorrow, February 19 at DC9.

Tropics – Rapture

tropics (1)

Chris Ward of Tropics knows how to use a repetitive snare. The London artist’s new single “Rapture” will capture your ears through a reverberated piano, accompanied by double-layered vocals. Innovative Leisure label strikes lyrical gold again with this talented multi-instrumentalist, who will be releasing his sophomore effort February 16. “Rapture,” the title track off the forthcoming album, is a seductive song about the struggles of experiencing a deep connection in an urban city. Stream below.

Deptford Goth – The Loop


Deptford Goth, also known as Daniel Woolhouse is a producer from South London, who once alternated a daily teaching assistant routine with recording sessions at night in his apartment. Daniel’s sophomore LP, simply titled Songs (November 2014) is composed of introspective lovesick pop accompanied with synthesized instruments such as the harp and piano. Listen to “The Loop” on loop below.

Tei Shi – Bassically

tei shi

Tei Shi is the sobriquet of Valerie Teicher, the Brooklyn-based, Argentinian-born songstress who’s been generating a ton of buzz as of late. Having inhabited Buenos Aires, Bogota, Vancouver and Boston at various stages throughout her life, her multicultural background is reflected in the complexity of her music and the texture of her voice. She recently released her first single, “Bassically” with the Mom + Pop imprint Mermaid Avenue. The compelling track is confected of high notes, low tones, and lush melodies — all backed up by Valerie’s soft reverberated vocals and a strong synth bassline. Stream this gem below.

For the locals, Tei Shi will be performing tomorrow night at DC’s U Street Music Hall with Gems and VÉRITÉ as part of the All Things Gold concert series.

TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing


TV Girl is a postmodern pop band out of LA who released their debut album, French Exit this past June. The group incorporates looped samples, 80s-like synths, trip hop beats and catchy low-pitch vocals in what amounts to lovable lo-fi bubblegum pop. Piano, harps, xylophone and woodwind are also orchestrated in their songs, making for an easy and breezy listening style. Stream the track “Birds Don’t Cry” below and pick up the album on iTunes.

Mammals – Move Slower


Mammals is the musical brainchild of Sydney-based artist Guy Brown. Also consisting of Henry Wells, Nathaniel Joyce and PJ Wolf, the four-piece released their highly anticipated EP Animalia last month. They supported Of Monsters and Men on their Australian Tour, and recently collaborated on a track with Goldroom. Transport to the Northern Beaches with  “Move Slower,” a downtempo tune with soft vocals supported by an atmospheric soundscape.

Jai Paul – BTSTU


Jai Paul is the elusive British artist who signed to XL Recordings (Jungle, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend) in 2010. Since then, only two singles have been officially released — his debut being “BTSTU.” In 2013, the London producer was the victim of a BandCamp leak, and a collection of unfinished recordings were published (and later retracted), confounding the blogosphere amidst varying reports regarding the source of the leak.

Nonetheless, the false-alarm LP made it to number 20 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2013 list, and was sampled by both Drake and Beyonce, to give you a better idea of this guy’s potential. The brilliance of “BTSTU” is the abrasively bold lyrics, contrasted with the ghostly falsetto and masterfully inventive production. Stream the song below – available for purchase on iTunes here .

According to XL manager Rodaidh McDonald, Jai Paul has been tinkering around in the studio working on his new album, and has been for years. Although not one to adhere to any timetable, let’s hope the withholding artist decides to share it with the masses soon.